Dear Arrowhead Lake Association Members,

I trust this letter finds you well and enjoying the unparalleled beauty of Lake Arrowhead. As we embark on the 50th year of the Arrowhead Lake Association, I am writing to provide a transparent and crucial update on the recent changes to our membership fees and shed light on the pressing issues that have necessitated this adjustment.

Over the years, our community has thrived on the principles of shared responsibility, stewardship, and the preservation of Lake Arrowhead's unique charm. It is with this spirit in mind that I address you today regarding the needed increase in our membership fees.

As we shared during the development of our 2024 budget proposal, it is an essential step towards rebuilding our organization. A comprehensive reserve study conducted on Arrowhead Lake Association uncovered a startling reality – we have been dramatically underfunding deferred maintenance on our buildings, docks, boats, trucks, paving, and dredging. The consequences of this neglect are evident in the crumbling state of our facilities, tired equipment, and outdated boats, which not only compromise the quality of service we provide but also jeopardize the long-term health of our beloved lake.

It is paramount that we confront this challenge head-on. The reserve study clearly indicates that an annual addition of more than $600,000 for multiple years is essential to prepare for the replacement of our facilities. We find ourselves at a critical juncture where we must decide whether to invest in the necessary projects or allow Lake Arrowhead to continue its downward spiral of neglect and deterioration.

The 2024 budget proposal reflects our commitment to addressing this issue responsibly. Contrary to what might be perceived, the Operating Budget for 2024 is slightly less than that of 2023. We have taken a strategic approach to allocate resources, with staff-related expenses, including wages, salaries, benefits, and workers' comp, decreasing by 2% from the previous year. This achievement is even more commendable when considering the annual inflation rate in the U.S. for the past several years.

However, external factors such as significant increases in inflation and over a 9% rise in our insurance rates in 2024 have added to the financial strain. Despite these challenges, we are resolute in our commitment to maintaining the financial stewardship of Lake Arrowhead. We must collectively recognize the urgency of the situation and understand that these changes are imperative for the sustained well-being of our community.

Lake Arrowhead holds a special place in all our hearts, and as a private, self-funded lake, we have a responsibility to uphold its legacy for the next 50 years. The ALA team is determined to ensure that the tools, facilities, and services we provide match the excellence of this unique community. Your support in this endeavor is not only appreciated but vital.

In closing, I invite you to engage with us, seek clarifications, and join hands in securing the future of Lake Arrowhead. Together, as stewards of this remarkable community, we can overcome the challenges before us and ensure a vibrant, thriving future for generations to come.

Thank you for your understanding, support, and commitment to the Arrowhead Lake Association.

Warm regards,
Alan B. Kaitz
Arrowhead Lake Association


The Opinion regarding the Appellate Court’s decision states The order granting a preliminary injunction is affirmed.  Respondents to recover costs on appeal.  To read the entire Opinion by the Appellate Court click here.

ALA 2024 Capital and Operating Budget is now available

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