ALA is pleased to announce the Election Results:

The 2019 Board of Directors Election ended on Monday, September 23rd at 5:00 PM. The balloting period was from August 30th to September 23rd at 5 PM. On September 28th the inspector of Elections, Mark Guitheus, began the process of counting and tabulating the ballot totals.
In attendance were Candidates, Bob Mattison, Louie Moreno and Chris Wilson along with Board members, ALA members, staff and the General Manager. The following ballot count results were announced by the Inspector of Elections:

• Valid Ballots:                                                1,160
• Abstain from Voting with written ballots:       0
• Invalid written ballots:                                  53 (No signatures on envelope)

At-Large A Seat (Three-year term)
• Bob Mattison:                                              647 votes   55.8%
• Dennis Lepore:                                             513 votes   44.2%
North District Seat (One-year term)
• Louie Moreno:                                             45   votes   15.5%
• Chris Wilson:                                                245  votes   84.5%
Mr. Mattison will fill the vacant At-Large A position and Mr. Wilson will fill in the North Director position.  Please join them when they are seated at the October 26, 2019 Board of Directors Meeting at the Clubhouse at Burnt Mill Beach Club. 
Thank you to the Members who participated in the 2019 Board of Directors Election.