Lake Level Update

Arrowhead Lake Association continues to observe the lake level and reassess the spillway every 24 hours to ensure we are following all ALA guidelines.

3/22/19 UPDATE:  Gate #2 was closed at 8:00 AM with an elevation of 5107.02
3/21/19 UPDATE:  Gate #2 was opened at 8:00 AM with an elevation of 5107.15
3/20/19 UPDATE:  The gates were closed at 8:00 AM with an elevation of 5107.07.
3/19/19 UPDATE:  Gate #2 was opened at 4:00 PM with the lake level at 5107.17
3/15/19 UPDATE:  The gates remain closed with the lake level at 4.68" above full elevation.
3/14/19 UPDATE:  Gate #2 was closed and the lake is 4.5" above full elevation.
3/12/19 UPDATE:  The lake is 6" above full elevation.  Gate #2 has been opened as of 8:00 AM this morning.
3/09/19 UPDATE:  Gate #1 Closed with a lake elevation of 5107.00
3/07/19 UPDATE:  Gate #1 Open with a lake elevation of 5107.15
In assessing the situation, factoring in the forecast of pending storms, current water level and the incoming flow of 27 inlets around the lake the decision was made at 8:30 am on Saturday, March 9, 2019, to close spillway gate #1 at Willow Creek after 47 hours of flow. This was done in accordance with the “Willow Creek Spillway Gates—Guidelines for Operation.”

From 9:30 am on March 7th (lake level, at 5107.15) to 8:30 am on March 9th, (lake level at 5,107.00), The Lake dropped 1.8 inches with gate #1 open.

The inlets are still flowing rapidly into the lake as another storm approaches this evening.  As of 8:00 AM today (3/11/19), the gates remain closed and the lake level is at 5,107.08 which equates to 4.5 inches ABOVE full lake elevation.

We hope you are enjoying the beauty of the lake during the winter months.  Opening day will be here before we know it and we are looking forward to an awesome summer!