Alert! Fire Extinguisher Recall For Boaters & Members!

There is currently a Fire Extinguisher Recall which effects our Boaters and Members.

Kidde, a popular fire extinguisher company is in the midst of an extensive recall of their fire extinguishers for both boats as well as for the home. The nozzle may clog and prevent proper discharge of the extinguishing material.

This recall involves not only extinguishers going back over a decade, but may also include those currently on store shelves. 

Fortunately, getting a free replacement under this recall is simple.  You don’t have to show any receipts or send your extinguisher back to the company.

Just follow this procedure:
1. Go to there website here or contact the Kidde Recall Hotline
(855) 271-0773

2. Follow instructions to identify your category of extinguisher, and then enter the date of manufacture which is a code stamped on the back of the extinguisher, along with the type and serial number from the label on the front of the unit.

3. Provide your name and shipping address.

4. If your extinguisher is being recalled, you will be given a confirmation number and Kidde will ship you a replacement at no cost.

Please check your homes today, and as soon as you can, check your boats as well.  Remember, if you have a motorized boat, you are required to carry a “Type B” USCG Approved Marine Type Fire Extinguisher on your boat!