Boat Inspections


Important Notice to Lake Arrowhead Boat Owners


Quagga and Zebra Mussels pose a very real threat to our lake and our water system. The mussels have the potential of destroying the ecosystems within the lake and doing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to our water distribution system and your boat's cooling system. Accordingly, we need your help to continue to keep your lake free of the mussels. 

All boats without a band MUST be decontaminated before launching.


In order to ensure that Lake Arrowhead remains Quagga and Zebra Mussel free, the Board of Directors approved the following new procedure for allowing boats onto Lake Arrowhead. The procedure requires that all boats without an ALA band intact and in place to be decontaminated. 

"Clean, drained and dry" is no longer the standard; either

1. Your boat has a ALA band in place, or if it does not,

2. Your boat must be Decontaminated OR the boat owner must have an ALA Registered Boat Storage Contractor's Letter, or be on a Boat Storage Contractor's Certification List.

If you store your boat for the entire winter with a registered ALA storage contractor who can certify that the boat has been in "DEAD" storage where you have not had access, your boat will be launched without delay.

If you do not have a band in place and your boat has not been in storage and certified by an ALA Registered Boat Storage Contractor, you may contact Lake Safety Patrol , at (909) 337-8829, to schedule a Decontamination Appointment.

Avoid delays during the Boat Inspection by doing the following :
  • CLEAN your trailer, boat and accessories of dirt, algae, weeds and mussels,
  • DRAIN bilges, anchor lockers, storage lockers, and live bait wells,
  • DRY the interior and exterior of the boat including storage and bilge areas, and
  • Bring your boat to the ramp CLEAN, DRAINED and DRY.

ALA Decontamination Hours of Operation:
Available By Appointment Only. 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
In the event you show up for a decontamination without an appointment, efforts will still be made to accommodate you, however there may still be delays in service.

List of Fees for Decontamination:
  • $25 for the motor and cooling system ("engine flush")
  • $25 for each ballast tank or bladder
  • $25 for the outside of the boat and trailer
  • Other miscellaneous items that may require decontamination including the tow vehicle, cables, anchor, etc. The fee for these items could also be $25.
If a member required a full decontamination for a boat with two ballast tanks the total cost would be $100

For more information regarding boating on Lake Arrowhead, members may contact the Arrowhead Lake Association at 909-337-2595.